Spring Roofing and Home Exterior Inspection

Spring Roofing and Home Exterior Inspection

Winter has finally made it’s much anticipated exit and warm weather is happily welcomed by all home owners everywhere. Days of bundling up for cold weather are over and people are starting to break out the warm weather clothing. The change in temperature brings new Saturday morning chores and allows you to cross others off the list until next winter. Winter can take its toll on the stability your home offers, so it is important to give your house a good once over look to make sure no serious damage has been inflicted by the cold fierce winter elements. Conducting a walk around inspection of your home is a good way to look for any damage that may not be obvious to you at first glance.

Siding Inspection

Your siding is a great place to start your post winter inspection. High winds and even slight snow fall can damage your siding. It is important to look for peeling paint, cracks in the siding, loose planks, loose siding panels or trim. An unattended damaged siding panel can end up costing more than if caught early and more than you many anticipate. It’s much easier to fix a problem early on rather than dealing with it if left unchecked.

Exterior Window Inspection

Another important area to inspect is the outside of all of your windows. This may require you to pull out the ladder from the garage, so be careful that you secure the ladder before climbing up too high. This can be a dangerous task and is much safer when you have a second person holding tight to the bottom of the ladder. While inspecting your windows, look for small cracks within the glass panes and loose caulking or frames that have become warped. If it is difficult for you to open and close the window, that is usually an indication that some warping has occurred and needs to be repaired.

Roofing Inspection

Lastly, it is essential that you inspect the condition of your roof. Winter elements tend to do a number on roofs, leaving various types of debris scattered along the roof of a home. Anything from miscellaneous garbage to tree branches can be found on top of a roof after an active winter season. It is important that you do not inspect your roof on your own. This is a dangerous task and requires the skill and experience of a professional. A professional roofing company will be able to detect any damage that has been done to flashing, vents or underlayment.
Mike’s Roofing LLC is a professional roofing company that is skilled and experienced in the proper inspection of your roof after a season of winter activity. Contact Mike’s Roofing today to have your roof inspected for any potential repairs or dangers it may have.