New Roof: A Long Term Lakewood Investment

New Roof: A Long Term Investment

Great roofing in Front Range, Colorado adds more value to your home than you might think! The roof is one of the most important components of your house or building. It often isn’t given much credit because we don’t look at it every day; unlike our eye level doors, windows, and appliances. Although it may not be apparent to many homeowners, the benefits of a new roof roof outweigh the cost, especially over time. The cost of a roof replacement depends on many factors such as size, slope, shape, existing layers, and materials used. But is replacing your roof really worth all the disruption and trouble?

Mike’s Roofing LLC has prepared this list outlining why a new roof is a good long-term investment:
Protection: This is the main purpose of a roof; to protect homeowners and their families against all kinds of weather. A good roof needs to be able to withstand strong winds and harsh storms. Mike’s Roofing can give you peace of mind to go about your daily routine without having to deal with annoying and damaging problems like roof leaks.
Higher Resale Value: If you have plans of selling your house in the future, installing a new roof will significantly increase its appraisal value. Many smart home buyers are taking the condition of a roof into consideration before buying a new house. A roof in poor condition can decrease your home’s value and turn potential buyers off. If you want to sell your Front Range house, consider investing in a quality roofing system from Mike’s Roofing LLC. This will help attract more buyers to come knocking on your door.
Improved Insulation: A properly installed roof significantly improves the insulation in your home or building. This is beneficial for homeowners because appliances don’t have to work as hard, which means you will save more on your energy bills, have less impact on the environment and enjoy the savings that come from longer lasting appliances.
Curb Appeal: Having a new roof is also a great way of updating the look of your house and increasing your curb appeal; not just for your house but the whole neighborhood. A newly installed roof adds to its visual appeal and makes your home more inviting to your family and guests. Again, this is especially helpful if you want to sell your home in the future.
Comfort: Because you are protected from the changing weather and have better ventilation, you and your family can live, work and play comfortably no matter what season or time of the year it is.

A combination of these factors can make a great update or makeover for your home. Whether or not you’re selling your home, a roof replacement can do wonders! Do not take chances with your new roof. Contact the expert roofers at Mike’s Roofing LLC to take care of your roof installation and repair needs for you. For more on roofing installation, replacement, repairs and our other services, contact us today.