Importance of Roof Inspections in Firestone, CO; Estimated Useful Roofing Material Life & More

There are many states who make buying a home a little more involved where you have to have a roof certified inspection. Depending where you are located it may need to be done through a certified roofing expert or part of a home inspection. More and more lenders are making this essential before finalizing any loans. Where the average roof, when properly maintained and cared can last 20 years or so, some states that see routine heavy snowfall may have roofs that last typically only five years. A roof is one of the most essential elements to having a solid structure. Whether you are buying, selling, or simply accounting for preventative measures, a roof inspection is a better investment than experiencing a surprise roof replacement. Today, we at Mike’s Roofing would like to elaborate on the importance of roof inspections in Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

Determining the basics of the roof’s integrity, how long the current condition of the roof may last, and how soon you will likely need to replace the roofs are covered with roof inspections. The roof inspections do not involve the specialists making their way on your roof and pulling every shingle to assess the raw roof under the barrier. Their procedure, however, is methodical and strategic where they can evaluate the condition of the roof, the integrity and general remaining lifespan without tearing through the roof to ensure a thorough exam. Thankfully, your roof inspector has the expertise and procedure on determining the roof’s overall health without causing undo damage by tearing up perfectly good-conditioned components.

Hiring a Roof Inspector VS Home Inspector

Roof inspectors specialize in the roofing elements, where as a home inspector covers the basics. Even if a home inspector is all that is required, getting a roofing inspector is well-worth the effort and cost. To identify the roof’s integrity, roof inspectors use advanced techniques and often infrared roof inspection equipment and do not have to get up and close personal with the roof itself, unless they feel something needs a closer look. To locate parts of a roof that are at higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the roof, the process involves the use of infrared rays. The roof inspector can see with the hot spots where the heat is escaping and any abnormalities.

Estimated Useful Roof Life

More often than not, insurance companies and lenders require a roof inspection, purely due to the fact that a roof can be quite an investment. Not only do these entities want to protect their investments, but homeowners should desire the same security as well. As a buyer, you do not want to end up with a home that unexpectedly requires an expensive roof replacement, and as a responsible seller, you want to make sure the new family is not stuck in this situation either. Not only from a seller’s point of view, but just as a homeowner, knowing the estimated roof lifespan can help you better prepare financially for a roof replacement or repairs to extend the life expectancy.
Roofing inspections can give you, your lenders and insurance carriers peace of mind and the roof inspection is fairly affordable. You can have the peace of mind that during the snow, rain, or wind storms that your roof has the durability to withstand extreme circumstances.

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Many consumers are concerned roof inspectors are looking to sell products and do not believe their opinion is unbiased. At Mike’s Roofing, we only have our customer’s best interests at heart and are excited to share a clear bill of health for a roof that is warranted the declaration. If you are looking for integrity and an honest roofing inspection, call Mike’s Roofing today!