How Long is a Roof Warranty on a New Home in Greenwood Village, CO? Types & More

When it comes to replacing the roof, it is a vital investment for any home or business. Ensuring your roof is under warranty, it is important for the overall roof to be protected. Rooftops takes a brunt of the elements and the beating the weather and other forces occur. Consumers should know what warranties are available as well as what is covered through the warranties to better prepare themselves after the roof is installed. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Roofing would like to share some of the basics to help you better understand roof warranties.

Roof Workmanship Warranty – Labor Only

Labor warranties only covers the cost of labor. You should take the time to read and understand with a clear idea of what specifics are covered under a labor only policy.

Contractor Roof Warranty – Installation Only

Roof defects are the only thing covered in installation warranties. Due to improper installation is the source of these defects.

Roof Warranty – Materials Only

Your roof holds up to specified roofing defects that is guaranteed through the material only warranties. If there is a faulty installation or if you do not maintain your roof and it results in damage, the warranty foes not offer any protection.

Roof System Warranty

Labor cost and materials are covered with a system warranty. In the case of an installation failure you are protected with the roof manufacturers offer these warranties. If your damage arises from lack of maintenance, it will not cover it.

Roof Manufacturer’s Warranty

Material, labor and system warranties are covered with the manufacturer’s warranties and they generally last anywhere from 10-30 years. They are a safeguard against roof damages to non-manufacturer provided components of the roof, however these warranties will not protect your roof from all damages. Where not all warranties are the same, you should understand precisely what is involved.

Are Roof Warranties Worth It?

The warranty options that are important to you needs to be paid close attention to when you invest in the cost of a new roof; especially after putting up the upfront cost of a new roof. These expenses should last you a while. In the event that anything goes wrong, it is essential that you have a warranty. It is simple enough to be fixed with your warranty before the problem gets out of hand should something does go wrong most of the time. Where warranties are needed, the professional roofing expert can help you better identify the warranties. Take the time to research the right warranty that fits your needs and your budget. Do the research and find the right contractor and materials for your area.

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