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What to Know Before Getting a New Roof in Denver, CO; Roofing Replacement Type, Weight, Fire Rating & More

When considering roofing on either a new build or re-roofing an older one there are considerations that need to be addressed to have a successful roof. Mike’s Roofing will address these concerns below. Roof Weight, Color, Fire Rating & More Weight of roof – The underlying structure is just so strong. It supports the roof…

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When are New Rain Gutters Necessary in Idaho Springs, CO & Benefits of Upgrading Gutter System

Rain gutters plays a major role in the welfare of your home’s roof. When gutters are neglect or age they often require replacement. Many homeowners will put off replacing their home’s gutter system in favor of other expenses. However, when gutters age or begin to break down, they are not only preforming improperly but now…

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